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Toe River Arts | Drawing & Painting

Katherine McCarty

Oils, acrylics, mixed media

71 Chestnut Hill Road
Spruce Pine, North Carolina 28777
By appointment only

828.765.8260 | 828.467.1199

IG: @mccarty253

“With a background in art therapy, my interest in art spans several mediums—oil, cold wax and oils, acrylic/mixed media and clay. More recently I have been painting intuitive abstracts. When entering the ‘terra incognita,’ a door opens to the mystery and the adventure of intuitive expressions which the spoken language cannot touch. I don’t always plan my paintings, but my process includes meditation, journaling and exploring the endless possibilities and variations of colors, shapes, line, texture and values. While abstract in nature, there is an underlying visual order and harmony to my paintings. Working in acrylics allows for more spontaneity and involves building many layers over time until the piece feels complete.” – Katherine McCarty