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What a Relief! A Collection of Relief Woodblock Prints by Local Artists

May 8 – June 5, 2021

Exhibiting Artists:

Christopher Bailey
Jerelee Basist
Katherine Bernstein
Madi Cole
Claudia Dunaway
Melanie Finlayson
Kim Fuelling
Germaine Galjour
Rod Gatlin
Micheal Keyes
Beth Kokol
Scott Ludwig
Wendy Reid
Valerie Schnaufer
Emerson Sommerich
Roby Summerfield
Amanda Taylor
Ani Volkan


What a Relief! is an exhibition of the large-scale woodblock prints made by the 18 participants in our October 2020 workshop with BIG INK. After countless hours of carving, participants printed their blocks on BIG INK’s traveling press. The smallest of these large-scale prints is two by three feet, with the largest being four by eight feet.

BIG INK, founded in 2012 by Lyell Castonguay and Carand Burnet and based in Newmarket, New Hampshire, provides opportunities for large-scale woodblock printing workshops in host institutions. BIG INK’s mission is to inspire a greater public appreciation of large-scale woodblock printmaking and to extend its practice as an artistic discipline. Learn more about BIG INK at bigink.org.

Decorative Pattern Collaboration
(Top Left to Right): Amanda Taylor, Wendi Reid, Claudia Dunaway, Scott Ludwig
(Middle Left to Right): Roby Sommerfield, Germaine Galjour, Ani Volkan, Rod Gatlin, Melanie Finlayson
(Bottom Left to Right): Valerie Schnaufer, Madi Cole, Emmerson Sommerich, Katie Bernstein, Beth Kokol

Hildegard von Bingen
Claudia Dunaway
4W x 2H ft

Covid Afternoon
Katie Bernstein
3W x 4H ft

Bare Trees
Valerie Schnaufer
24W x 36H in

Comin’ to Getcha
Amanda Taylor
24W x 36H in

Kimberly Fuelling
53W x 38H in

Wolf Dev
Ani Volkan
36W x 60H in

Untitled Artist Proof
Beth Kokol
24W x 48H in

Corey & Milaroux
Melanie Finlayson
36W x 48 H in