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Toe River Arts | Clay

Pam Brewer

Ceramic sculpture

41 Redbird Lane
Newland, North Carolina 28657
By appointment only


IG: @pambrewercreates

“I would like to believe that with each coil or tap of the paddle, each pinch or twist of the clay, the sculpture within reveals itself, through gesture and line. It is, after all, the essence of the object that is most important to me.

The organic form is primal and simplistic, and speaks volumes regarding the core of our being, and our connectedness to one another. It has been my life’s exploration to identify those crevasses and attempt to understand and heal them through my work.

When the sculpture in complete, there is the animal form or natural form, complete with experience and feelings, with its own voice and message to lead me forward.”
– Pam Brewer