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Here and There, Contemporary Sculptural Ironwork

September 25 – October 30, 2021

Exhibiting Artists:

Warren Holzman, Philadelphia, PA
Bill Price, Memphis, TN
Hoss Haley, Spruce Pine, NC
Zack Noble, Asheville, NC
Andrew Meers, Bakersville, NC
Peter Braspenninx, Casnovia, MI
John Winer, Mountain City, TN
Bill Brown, Linville Falls, NC
Rachel David, Waynesville, NC
Maegan Crowley, Dolores, CO
Jim Cooper, Bakersville, NC
Maria Cristalli, CleElum, WA
Meghan Martin, Bakersville, NC
Andrew Dohner, Bakersville, NC


Every year, Toe River Arts hosts a Blacksmith Exhibition in conjunction with the annual Fire on the Mountain Festival which takes place in April. Due to the pandemic the festival was canceled in 2020. Because of the cancellation, Toe River Arts recognized the need to adapt and hosted a virtual exhibition of blacksmith work. Elizabeth Brim was featured as the master blacksmith in both 2020 and 2021. Regrettably, the live festival event was cancelled again this year, so Toe River Arts made the decision to try something new. This year, the Blacksmith Exhibition will be hosted in the fall, September 25 – October 30 and curated by Elizabeth Brim. This is an exciting departure from Toe River Arts’ usual Blacksmith Exhibit which is normally open to all blacksmiths. Toe River Arts will return to the original format in 2022.

The exhibit is titled Here and There, Contemporary Sculptural Ironwork. The exhibit will include: Warren Holzman, Philadelphia, PA, Bill Price, Memphis, TN, Hoss Haley, Spruce Pine, NC, Zack Nobel, Asheville, NC, Andrew Meers, Bakersville, NC, Peter Braspeninx, Casnovia, MI, John Winer, Mountain City, TN, Bill Brown, Linville Falls, NC, Rachel David, Waynesville, NC, Maegan Crowley, Dolores, CO, Jim Cooper, Bakersville, NC, Maria Cristalli, CleElum, WA, Megan Martin, Bakersville, NC, Andy Dohner, Bakersville, NC.

Elizabeth states, “I have been paying close attention to the field of blacksmithing for more than thirty years. In that time I have witnessed a vast advancement of techniques and sophistication in work being produced. The sculptors represented in this exhibit are some of those currently pushing the art and craft of fine ironwork to the next level of excellence. I started by inviting local artists in order to bring attention to how many exceptional ironworkers there are forging sculpture in our area. Next, I considered artists from around the country who are producing remarkable work using the ancient techniques of forging. I appreciate the opportunity to bring this exciting collection of contemporary forged sculpture to be experienced directly by viewers.

Elizabeth is an accomplished blacksmith and teacher who lives in western North Carolina. She is best known for feminine imagery in her ironwork. A native of Columbus, Georgia, she graduated with an MFA in printmaking before studying and working with a variety of materials at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. Quite unexpectedly, she fell in love with iron. With a unique juxtaposition of the feminine and the ferrous, Brim transforms the frilly dresses, fairy tales, and gender expectations of her childhood into remarkable works of social commentary.

And That Life Was the Light of Men
Warren Holzman

Andrew Dohner

Bill Price

Bill Price

Bill Price

John Winer

X and Y
Peter Braspenninx

Erratic Topo Maquette #5
Hoss Haley

Stepping Stone
Bill Brown

Gone Fishing
Bill Brown

Bud Vase
Meghan Martin

35 Years
Andrew Meers

Rachel David

Rachel David

Future Fossil
Maegan Crowley

Wall Sculpture
Maria Cristalli

Erratic Topo Maquette #1
Hoss Haley

Erratic Topo Maquette #6
Hoss Haley

Forging #6 and #8
Zack Nobel

Ravens Roost
Bill Brown

Bill Brown

3 Leaf Sconce
Jim Cooper

Hoss Haley, Warren Holzman, and Elizabeth Brim