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Fall Studio Tour Exhibition

October 29 – December 31, 2022
Kokol Gallery

Meet-the-Artists Reception
November 11, 2022
5:30 – 7:30 PM
Kokol Gallery

For more than a quarter century, the Toe River Arts Studio Tour has intrigued those who make the journey to visit places of inspiration and creation. Situated between Roan Mountain which boasts the world’s largest rhododendron garden and Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi, the Toe River Arts Studio Tour is a free, self-guided journey of the arts. This arts adventure through Mitchell and Yancey Counties will take visitors along the meandering Toe River, across its many bridges, around barns, acres of fields, and miles of forests all while visiting the 83 talented studio artists who often take inspiration from the mountains they call home and 8 galleries featuring local and international art.

Exhibiting Artists:

Allison Edge
Andrew Dohner
Anita Connelly
Annette V. Centofanti
Barbara Kahn
Bridget Fox
Bridget VanRemortel
Carew Henry
Carmen Grier
Charlie Smith
Christina Gordon
Christopher Nash
Chuck & Deana Young & Blanchard
Claudia Dunaway
Colleen Connolly
Connie Karleta Sales
Constance Schulze
Courtney Martin
Cynthia Bringle
Daniel Essig
David Ross
Deborah Kolp
Dennis McAvoy
Dori Settles
Dorothy Ansell
Edwina Bringle
Emily Rogstad
Ivaylo Gueorgiev
Jamie Karolich
Jean McLaughlin
Jenny Lou Sherburne
Joe Nielander
John Geci
John Richards
Jonah Woodstock
Joy Tanner
Judson Guêrard
Julie Wiggins
Kaitlyn Pruitt
Kalen Freeman
Kathryn House

Kathryn Lynch
Kenny Pieper
Kristan Five
Kristen & J.R. Page
Kurt Anderson
Larry Brown
Linda Powell
Loretta/David Forde/Wilson
Louise Grenell
Lucinda Brogden
Lynda Banner
LyndaGayle Banner
Maria Granatosky
Mark Woodham
Martin Stankus
Matt Willig
Michael Rutkowsky
Miles Henry
Nathan Favors
Nick Joerling
Nita Forde
Olivier Calas
Paul Eisenhauer
Pete & Kim McWhirter
Rob Levin
Robbie Bell
Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky
Sage Morgan
Sally Morgan Guêrard
Sarah House
Shaunna Lyons
Sherrill Whitson
Simona Rosasco
Stanley Mace Andersen
Stephanie Thomas Berry
Susan Feagin
Terry Gess
Terry Weber
Vicki Essig
Victoria Hicks
Walt Barker
William Bernstein


Participating Galleries:

Hearth Glass & Gallery

High Country Ceramic Arts

In Tandem

Mica Gallery

OOAK Art Gallery

Penland Gallery & Visitors Center

Penland Resident Gallery

Toe River Crafts