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Stanley Mace Anderson: 1978-2024

August 10 – September 14, 2024
Kokol Gallery

August 16, 2024
5 PM – 7 PM
Kokol Gallery

Stanley Mace Andersen has been a studio potter since 1978. He works with earthenware clay and is concerned primarily with making utilitarian ware for the table and kitchen. He uses the majolica technique in decorating his pottery which is fired in an electric kiln to cone03. He wants his pottery to contribute to the enjoyment of preparing and presenting food. He paints quickly and directly on the raw glazed surface, creating liquid flowing lines, splashes of color, and overlaps of brushstrokes. This creates a feeling of exuberance and casual spontaneity. Rhythm and grace in the brushstrokes are important to both his pleasure in the process and the final result. His continued use of this technique has evolved over time. The final product is important, but “it is the process where I am most likely to find inspiration”. The exhibition will show the evolution of his work with pieces from past to present.