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Toe River Arts | Drawing & Painting

Brette Barclay Barron


By appointment only


Hedgerow Arts is the studio of painter, folk herbalist, goat whisperer, and wanna-be hermit, Brette Barclay Barron. Brette received her BFA in Studio Arts from Ohio University. Her work is held in private collections across the US.

I have always been drawn to the liminal, the ‘between’ spaces that surround us: birth, death, the distances between people, thresholds, the moments where day fades into night, where water meets the land, the edge of the forest… the hedgerow. If we look closely, there is always more than meets the eye in these spaces. A deep love of folklore informs the mythic imagery in many of my paintings and drawings, as do the abstract patterns created by lichen on stone, light playing through leaves on trees, or a crumpled bedsheet.” – Brette Barclay Barron