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Toe River Arts | Glass

Yaffa Todd & Jeff Todd

2865 Blue Rock Road
Burnsville, North Carolina 28714
Please call ahead

Yaffa Todd was born in Tele Aviv, Israel. After completing her BFA in ceramics at the Philadelphia College of Art, she worked as a studio potter for two years. She began graduate school at the Rochester Institute of Technology in January 1975, majoring in glass. During her second year at RIT, she began extensive investigation into opal glass systems, specifically fluorine opal glasses that became the subject of her master’s thesis. This research is still ongoing.

A native of Philadelphia, PA, Jeff Todd majored in jewelry and glass at Southern Illinois University. He became interested in glass in the early 70s, taking classes at SIU and at the Penland School of Craft. His skills with metalworking and glassblowing may be seen in many of his early pieces.

The Todds’ Nature Weights are traditional style paperweights. By using the lens-shaped horizontal form, they create a window for the viewer to look through. Most of their images come from childhood memories and their present environment. They use the gardens around their house, the river behind their studio and the magnificent North Carolina Mountains for inspiration.