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Toe River Arts | Metals

Diana Alexander


Instagram: @dianaalexanderdesign
Facebook: diana alexander design
Pinterest: dianaalexanderdesign

Three years ago, I retired from a hectic day job in Atlanta to North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. As a metalsmith for the past 23 years, I design jewelry in gold, silver, and copper that has become increasingly inspired by the nature I now find myself surrounded by. I work with precious stones, pearls, mastodon bone, and pieces of torch fired enamels with vintage photos to create innovative jewelry that appears organic and time-worn. Bold gemstones and bones are worked into forged cages composed of intricate connections that allow elements to move independently. Additionally, I often incorporate self- engraved prayer boxes into my pieces to impart the meaning and strength of the words written within– taking part in a powerful prayer box tradition that has existed for thousands of years.