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Toe River Arts | Glass

JoAnn Laskin

Fused glass

Fusion by Design

Email: Jrlaskin@hotmail.com
Facebook: @fusionbyglass1

JoAnn Laskin is a local artist working in her studio in Hollywood, Florida. She is a recently retired educator who has always dabbled in the creative arts. With her retirement, she is now devoting her attention to her artistic side, fusing glass pieces. Fused glass, also called warm glass or kiln-formed glass, is a technique used to join together pieces of glass in a kiln. Each piece is hand selected and created by JoAnn, therefore no two pieces are alike. As a part of the firing process, the piece is annealed for extra strength and durability.

As a fused glass artist, her interests are split between functional work and glass art. She uses the heat of the kiln to form her glass, varying temperatures, and various types of glass and firing times to produce unique effects. Depending upon the project, work can be fired one time or up to six times. For functional glass, she enjoys working with a wide range of transparent glass types, using molds to slump & shape the glass. She likes to capture the phenomena of unique light and colors, yielding textures and distinct shapes on another surface that surrounds the total piece. For art pieces, using bold colors, reactive glass types, and pressed glass frit allows her to produce layers, retaining transparent imagery or using glass types that will create a reaction on the other piece of glass. Pieces can also evoke a sense of tranquility or a reflection of strong movement.