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Think BIG Prints

Wednesday, September 11 – Saturday, October 24

This exhibition, curated by Community Outreach Coordinator Melanie Finlayson and Exhibition Manager Kathryn Andree, features work from artists that have participated in past BIG INK printmaking workshops. This exhibition features 37 artists from around the United States, including ten artists from North Carolina. The prints range in size from 2 x 3 ft., up to 4 x 8 ft.

BIG INK, founded in 2012 by Lyell Castonguay and Carand Burnet, and based in Newmarket, New Hampshire, provides opportunities for large-scale woodblock printing workshops in host institutions. BIG INK’s mission is to inspire a greater public appreciation of large-scale woodblock printmaking and to extend its practice as an artistic discipline.

This exhibition is in conjunction with a printmaking workshop to be held in the Owens Gallery October 23 and 24. While visitors will not be allowed to view the printing in person, the workshop will be streamed on Instagram Live by BIG INK, @biginkprints. Twenty local artists and students will collaborate to carve woodblocks to be printed on BIG INK’s “The Big Tuna,” their large-scale, traveling printing press.

Information about BIG INK can be found at www.bigink.org. Please contact Community Outreach Coordinator Melanie Finlayson at melanie@toeriverarts.org for more information.

Joy Has No Borders, Joy Is Always Ours
Ian Bailey, Allison Said, Sushaila Sasha Yehya
Raleigh, NC
24H x 36W in

Lonely But Never Alone
Cassie Brazeau
Dover, NH
24H x 36W in

Red House Farm
Elena Betke-Brunswick & Jamie Sweeney
Florence, MA
24H x 72W in

Swamp Boys
Kristina Buckley
Portland, ME
36H x 36W in

Lyell Castonguay
Newmarket, NH
17H x 11W in

Dan Chiaccio
Brattleboro, VT
60H x 36W in

Barbara Duval
Charleston, SC
40H x 50W in

Let Winter Lead You Home
Allison Funk
Staunton, VA
30H x 40W in

Gnarls Woodblock Print
Lyell Castonguay
Newmarket, NH
8H x 6.25W in

Lyell Castonguay
Newmarket, NH
4H x 9W in

Vampire Tiger Tuna
Lyell Castonguay
Newmarket, NH
6H x 10W in

Addie Dreams of Her Adventures
Alison Darrow
Cambridge, MA
36H x 48W in

Things that Go in a Circle Never End 
Antonia DaSilva
Orleans, MA
36H x 72W in

Conservation of Mass
LeeAnn Jacobs DiCicco
Clovis, CA
18H x 24W in

Alien Circus Comes to Town
Claudia Dunaway
Burnsville, NC
36H x 24W in

In Clover
Jake Ingram
Knoxville, TN
80H x 40W in

Wed Lock Series – Hera: The Incubation of Her Bridled Love
Kerry O Furlani
36H x 27W in

Home in the Hollow
Michael Keyes
Aurora, CO
36H x 24W in

Janie Kinnane
Poughkeepsie, NY
40H x 96W in

Propensity for Chaos (Birds of a Feather)
Scott Ludwig and Nick Osetek
Boone, NC / Raleigh, NC
36H x 96W in

Vanitas for the New Dark Age
Scott Ludwig
Boone, NC
24H x 18W in

Nursery Tree
Robert Patierno
York, PA
40H x 30W in

Where Did I Go Wrong?
Marcia Wood Mertinooke
Goffstown, NH
50H x 24W in

Feelings of Home
Kate Mitchell, Katy Collier, Colin Nollet, Erin Kye
Greensboro, NC
48H x 38W in

Crown Territory
Millie Whipplesmith Plank
Etna, CA
32H x 48W in

Carry Me Home
Bobby Rosenstock
33H x 33W in

Headed to Work
Erina Pearl Schultz
Poughkeepsie, NY
51H x 38W in

Drill Deer
Gretchen Woodman
Nottingham, NH
60H x 40W in

Monique Martin
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
69H x 36W in

Litho Sink
Brian Kreydalus
Williamsburg, VA
54H x 40W in

The Garden
Michael Rich
Pawtucket, RI
72H x 36W in

Maggie Scotilla
State College, PA
24H x 36W in

Slice of Home II
Melvin Thambi
Houston, TX
36H x 24W in

Dan Welden
Sag Harbor, NY
33H x 46W in

This exhibition and workshop is made possible in part by support from the Blumenthal Foundation.